About the company

Since 1967, Soparco has been constantly investing and innovating in order to develop and support horticulture

As a market leader in France and well established in Europe, we offer cost effective and original solutions to growers worldwide.

With a staff of over 200, Soparco is a family owned French industrial group, having 2 production sites. (Condé-sur-Huisne near Chartres and Chaingy near Orléans) and several commercial subsidiaries in Spain, The Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

24 hour production ensures an extensive range of products to meet the needs and expectations of modern horticulture.

Expertise and innovation

Today, Soparco is a key player in the horticultural sector.

A highly flexible production and high quality assurance allow us to meet our customers' requirements and expectations.
Constant customer needs analysis enable us to provide our customers with tailor-made solutions.
We have almost 600 products and 2000 references available from our production and warehousing facilities.
We are always innovating to constantly stimulate, support and develop horticulture.
We regularly invest in our plant and equipment to incorporate the very latest technical innovations resulting in optimised quality and production.

We constantly seek out and secure the finest quality raw materials. Our products manufactured from recycled materials contain up to 85% recycled materials.

Listening to you

Flexibility and responsiveness

We pride ourselves in listening to our customers, we assist you by:
- Optimising production processes
- Optimising your logistics costs
- Reducing lead time
- Adding value to your products

Our locally based sales teams and our multilingual sales administration team at our French headquarters ensure that your expectations are met by offering custom solutions that are best suited to your specific need and requirements.

Our logistics department of almost 30,000 m² offers optimal delivery times via an extensive network of transport companies and options. Around 90% of our standard catalogue products are available all year round.

Our environmentally responsible approach

Soparco products respect sustainable development principles.
The vast majority of our products are manufactured from recycled plastic materials.
We are determined to ceaselessly develop "bio based" products for our customers.
Since the introduction in 1985 of various recycled polypropylene materials, we have fundamentally concentrated on producing using recycled materials, such as: food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, plugs, vehicle parts, toys and our own production scraps. We constantly seek and secure the best raw material sources, being mindful of the environment whilst pursuing the highest possible quality in the production of our products.

Soparco - Factory and headquaters

Le Musset
61110 Condé-sur-Huisne, France

Soparco - Production

Avenue des Pierrelets
45380 Chaingy, France

Phone : +33 (0)2 33 73 30 11
Fax : +33 (0)2 33 73 38 06
Email : info@soparco.com

Soparco is present throughout the world and has subsidiaries in England, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain

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