Innovation for environment

Soparco products respect sustainable development principles, including:

We are determined to ceaselessly develop “bio based” products for our customers.

Since the introduction in 1985 of various recycled polypropylene materials, we have fundamentally concentrated on producing using recycled materials, such as: food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, plugs, vehicle parts, toys and our own production scraps. We constantly seek and secure the best raw material sources, being mindful of the environment whilst pursuing the highest possible quality in the production of our products.

Waste management

All packaging waste generated in our manufacturing activities is sorted and separated for recycling.

Any chemical by-products of production are also safely disposed of and recycled by specialist recycling companies.

Soparco’commitment to environmental sustainability

Responsible environmental protection and sustainable development form part of our core values at Soparco.

For many years now we have been seeking, developing and implementing processes to reduce the impact of our manufacturing and other activities on the environment.

By actively participating in the “Horti-economic system” Soparco undoubtedly proves that the recycled plant container remains an integral part of sustainable development and ecologically responsible conduct.

Use of bio-sourced materials

In unison with current social consciousness, Soparco offers two ranges of containers manufactured with natural, bio-sourced materials.

Careful consideration is given to materials that do not negatively impact on environmental protection and food security.

These products offer a sustainable and responsible option to producers wanting to grow plants in a positive and ecological manner.