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Coloured post-consumer recycled materials

Soparco is very much involved with public bodies to implement a virtous circle (collection, sorting, recovery) of plastic materials and specially pots.
We offer a range of post-consumer plastic containers (10 models including 3 deco pots). Five colours are available.
These recycled materials are fully recyclable.

A new « ready-to-use » deco range

Aesthetic and practical, both “Cameleon” and “Lilo” ranges provide trendy patterns and shapes to grow and promote plants. These “ready-to-use” deco containers are a new marketing solution to enhance your productions.
Please contact us for any demand

A global concept: a tray permitting transport of 7 x GM4 + Sopaclip

If you want to promote your plants in units of four 8x8 liners, the combination of the three following products is ideal:

- Dividable tray 2XGM4 FACP with G2 label slots

- Sopaclip GM4 supporting plants and enabling space savings in transport. A label can be added in the slots at the same time as the Sopaclip branch.

- 7 x GM4 tray for fast and easy loading or unloading of the CC trolleys.

This tray is reusable.
Logistics: 4 trays per CC shelf (can be combined with other large trays on a shelf), i.e. 112 liners 8x8.

The bedding plant trays and the tray can be used to grow and sell plants in soil blocks.

10 x TCM1 (8789): A new tray for bedding plant trays

A new tray designed to facilitate handling and transport of the TCM1 vegetable tray.
Key advantages of this tray are:
• Save time during order preparation, loading and unloading of the CC trolleys.
• Possibility to combine this tray with standard large trays on a shelf
• Eco-friendly solution: this tray can be reused several times.

Logistics: 4 trays per CC shelf, i.e. 40 vegetable trays

Sopaclip 11 /15 2B low

• Support with 2 arms to be fixed in the G2 Slot boxes.
• This low version of Sopaclip is adaped to all kind of low plants.
Effective support of plants during all their growth and during transport.
• Our support is adapted to a large range of our pots : 1.3L square round (2215), 1.6L square round
(2218) and round pots with diameters from 12 to 15 cm equipped with G2 Slot boxes.
• Easy and fast clipping.

2L Square Round Container for bark spreading machine

• Round base to permit a perfect rotation on the spreading machine conveyor
• Wide base for a good stability on conveyor belts and during cultivation
• 3-tier base: optimised drainage and aeration of the substrate
• Wide and well marked rim: easy fork lifting
• Smooth and glossy surface to keep container clean.
• 4 G2 slots to fix labels, handles (7860) and label stakes
• Perfect facing on CC containers and shelves to encourage the act of purchase

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