Roma et Vivaldi - 4 seasons window boxes

These ready-to-display window boxes have a matt surface appearance with a sober design identical to the patterns of the ROMA pots. They exist with a reserve water version or to be combined with the IRIS saucer. These window boxes are compatible with 3 square-round pots of 2.5L. You can create an easy-caring window box, you can just change the integrated pots according to desires or seasons.

Technical specifications

Code Designation Colours Volume External Dimensions L x W x H (cm) Bottom Associated products Nb of products/danish trolley shelf Net or bag Box
3560 Window-box 50 cm ROMA RE
10.2 L 50 x 19 x 16 2 niveaux 2235 7 35
3559 Window-box 50 cm ROMA
10.2 L 50 x 19 x 16 2 niveaux 3777 7
3777 Saucer Iris 50 cm unclipped 3559/3560
48.3 x 18.1 x 3 3559 6

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