NJ Pot + Hanger

Eco-designed hanging baskets with raised cross-bottom with water reserve to ensure an optimal drainage when cultivated on the ground. The fixing of the hanger is easily identifiable for fast laying. The hanger has a lug to attach labels at the base of the hook and the pot also has G2 slots for labels. The wide range of light colors in stock is enhanced by the shiny surface appearance of these pots. A sober design that is identical to that of the NJ window boxes makes it possible to have a range of complete aesthetic containers.

Technical specifications

Code Designation Colours Labelling system Volume Ø Ext x H (cm) Bottom Associated products Nb of products/danish trolley shelf Box
7356 Hanging basket 25 NJ RE
2 Slot boxes G2 5 L 25 x 15.4 3 niveaux 7545 12 96
7361 Hanging basket 27 NJ
2 Slot boxes G2 6 L 27 x 16.2 3 niveaux 7545 10 96

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